Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's New....

Since I haven't posted in awhile, quite a bit. But not to bore I will keep it current.

-70 degree weather, then ice and snow and then 70 degree weather. At least I know that while I'm white knuckling the steering wheel as I slide down the road that by the next day I can lay out if I want. Which I have yet to want.

-Spring Break. We stayed home. I usually go to Az but it didn't happen this year. So we spent our days doing things around here. I think the kids favorite day was when we went to Denver ate at Casa Bonita and went to the park. I went to Casa Bonita when I was a kid and still remember it. The crazy gorilla, cliff divers. I thought it was awesome. Going back as an adult....completely different experience. But the kids thought it was great. Gavin asked me if it was a 5 star restaurant. You don't get MSG headaches from a 5 star.

-My dining room is no longer Terra Cotta colored and the office no longer has a navy blue accent wall. One more step out of 1985 and one step closer to 2011.

-Serger. Oh the possibilities....I have yet to pull it out of the box. I know that when I do all other projects will be shoved aside. So, I am in project mode, motivation...serge my day away without guilt!

-Gabriel is missing 6 teeth. 3 of them molars. I can also fit comfortably in his shoes. (not that I would want to) I wear an 8.

-I'm cubmaster. I knew I would be involved in scouts having two boys but...cubmaster? So far I have made it through blue and gold and pinewood derby. If you don't like looking like an idiot in front of people...become a cubmaster. You get over it real quick.


TZ Crew said...

SOOO glad that you posted! Your kids are getting so grown up. I didnt know Gabriel wore glasses and he looks super cute in them too. Ya I heard Casa Bonita sucks as an adult. I told Nikki I wanted to go there one year when I was visiting her and she was like...um its much better when you are a kid. I love and miss ya lots and hope it works out so that you can come see us soon. My boys are growing like crazy. Love you

Amber Rose said...

YAY for an update!! GOSH those kiddos are getting big..wow!! And LOVE the comment about being a cub master..awesome..your such a good momma:)

burtons*north said...

annnnnnaaaaa! you updated!!! i have been thinking of you lately. how are you?!? will have to chat soon. looks like you are doing well.
love you.

hogans house said...

Hurray for updates!!! Cant wait to see what you do with the serger! I am the assistant Bear leader for the past few months. It's been interesting toting a 5 and 3 year old along. We need to share cub scout tips, which means that you need to give me some. haha

ducklips said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. Your family is GORGEOUS!! I suppose you already know that, but it's been too long since I saw you guys. Sounds like life is fun in CO.

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